Assignment . a) List software you use (currently, on your old system).
For each piece of software, list it’s purpose.
Finally, find a Linux alternative (preferably Free).
For example: Current software: Microsoft Word -> Purpose: Word Processor -> Linux alternative: LibreOffice Writer. (For part a, just write, no need to work on computer.)

Answer    My software I use often

1 Skype – for communication  ( Proprietary Software )

2 Photorazor – resize pictures in one folder  ( Proprietary Software )

3 Fileziller server – login ftp and upload website  ( Proprietary Software )




b) Pick three Linux applications from your list. Test them by doing a typical task with them. For example, draw a diagram with Inkscape.
Voluntary reading task: The Rise of Open Source Licensing: chapter 5.1 :”Bargaining in the Shadow of Intellectual Property Law”.