Installing Linux

You can visit my VDO how to install Ubuntu by


Welcome to my blog, First topic I would like to demonstrate how to install the Linux operating with own laptop ( in this case I used ASUS transformer Laptop ) from your USB flash drive.


First step : I prepared the USB 3.0

>> Download free software Universal USB installer
( )
This software will turn your flashdrive as Disk Image

> Download Ubuntu , Xubuntu depending on the computer
I used Ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-i386 version for my case,
there another version is Ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64

Second step : Change PC setting


> Right side of the screen find “Change PC setting “


> Update and Recovery , just click “Recovery”


> Advanced Start-Up and click “Restart Button”

> Troubleshoot and click “Advanced Options”


> Select “UEFI Firmware setting” and reset


Finally you will enter the BIOS screen setting


Frome BIOS setting main page >> Go to Secure Boot menu and make it “Disabled”


and after that go to Save & Exit page and click “Save change” button.

Plug in USB 3.0 flashdrive hold down F2 Key then it will show
UEFI : KingstonDataTraveller ( Hit that )there will be options

1) Try Ubuntu without installing
2 ) Install Ubuntu ……then we can just boot Ubuntu 🙂


More advanced knowledge about Linux my Teacher ( Tero Karvinen )

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